Our own developed high speed and high efficiency pump is a new generation electronically and energy-saving pump.



Water Pump

Solar Water Pump

Our own developed high speed and high efficiency pump is a new generation electronically and energy-saving pump. It can be used at AC 50HZ ,60HZ and solar power input directly. Compared with other well pumps, its efficiency is higher more than 10%, its weight and volume are only 1/5 of them at same power and lift, and its unit efficiency is higher than them.

There is nothing comparable to this advantage:
1,Multifunctional automatic protection under overvoltage overheated and overcurrent
2,Constant voltage and constant flow working model ,etc.
3,Timer switch and Multi-time period working model.
4,Network control model.
5,Downhole waterless protection

This type well pump is the most advanced pump,and it already awarded 5 domestic and foreign patents.
For this high tech product promotion, now we are inviting outstanding area agent all over the world.

Chuangmei developed a new generation high speed and high efficiency deep well pump, equipped with high speed and high efficiency DC brushless motor or high efficiency AC synchronous motor as the source of power. Its volume is 1/5,and its weight is 1/5 of other pumps in same specifications. The characteristics are energy saving, high efficiency and complete functions. It’s a new generation electromechanical integration well pump, also is the most advanced well used pump in the world.
We acquired 6 patents of technical principle from the State Intellectual Property Office, has reported the international patent.
This pump should be worked with our exclusive controller, owns frequency control, constant velocity and so on, so it can be pumped water under the work model such as constant pressure, constant flow, time with, remote network operation and intelligent operation.
The pump works both at 50HZ and 60HZ, and also can remain the head and flow unchanged under wide voltage, output constant when the voltage pulsation happens.
As this pump used high efficiency motor(the max efficiency for motor is about 87%) ,the PF up to 0.99, after deducted the comprehensive loss of controller, the final efficiency still higher that the well pump drives by single phase asynchronous motor.
The controller has AC input and DC input, also can be connected with solar panel, form a solar deep well pump. The efficiency of such solar pump is higher than other pumps more than 20%, with small in size, light in weight, easy to use, total management functions on solar, battery and pump.

Model No. SWP-100/2.2
Flow (T/H) 3.0/6.0
Head (M) 100/148
Rated Power (KW) 2.2
Solar Power (KW) 4.6
Voltage (V) 220/380
Speed (r/min) 7200
Height (mm) 530
N.W. Weight (Kg) 6.5
Outlet (Inch) 1.25
Diameter (mm) 75
Packing (mm) 120*120*650


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