80watt Solar Street Light System
 1 Products Spefication Qty(pcs)
solar panel 150watt poly 2
battery 12v/100Ah 2
charge controller 24v/20amps 1
LED street lamp 24v/80watt 1
battery box 1
cable 30meters 1
pole 8m Height 1
Total price 1 set
Note:light control settings, automatic dusk turn on ,dawn turn off, 8-12 hours working time per day .Full charging working 2-3 raindays .
Solar panel
Model P150  sjfkl
Maximum power(Wp) 150W
Maximum power voltage(V) 18.0V
Maximum power current(A) 8.33A
Open circuit voltage(V) 21.6V
Short circuit current(A) 9.26A
Cell Efficiency(%) 17%
Maximum system voltage(V) 1000V
Size of module(mm) 1487*666*40
Temperature Range ﹣40℃……﹢85℃
Weight per piece(kg) 12.5kg
Warranty 90% power output over 20 years warranty80% power output over 30 years warranty
LED street lamp
Model FL-U2-80W  3CSL80 copy
Power 80W LED
Lamp efficiency >100Lm/W
LED color temperature 3000k-7000k
Average illumination High 8M=22Lux*14m*10m
High 9M=20Lux*15.5m*11m
High 10M=18Lux*17m*12m
Storage temperature ﹣40℃……﹢60℃
packing size 78*30*17 CM
weight 7.5 kg
Input voltage DC24V
Warranty 2years product warranty and 10years 80% of power
Deep-circle Battery
Model 100AH/12V 12V100AH
Nominal Voltage 12V
Nominal Capacity 100AH @ 10 hour rate F.V.(1.80V/Cell)
Terminals B4(Fitting M6 bolt & nut) 12 is optional
Internal Resistance ≤4.0mΩ(Fully Charged)
Max.Discharge Current 800A(5 sec)
Max.Charge Current 36A
Operating Temperature Range Charge:0℃……40℃
Self Discharge 3% of capacity declined per month at(25℃)
Weight 31.5kg
Dimension 358*196*270mm
Charge controller(light control and time control,12v/24v AUTO)
Model FL-SRDH IP67  4
Equalization voltage(10minutes) 14.8V*2
Boost voltage(10minutes) 14.4V*2
Float voltage 13.6V*2
Load disconnect 11.1V*2
Load reconnect 12.6V*2
Temperature compensation ﹣30mv/℃/12V*2
Temperature ﹣35℃ to ﹢55℃
Normal voltage 12V/24V,automatic recognition
Material Aluminum
Single size 140*80*20mm
Single weight 350g
Warranty 2year and lifetime 5years
Total high 8 meters  20150106100726744
Material high quality galvanized steel
Top diameter 76mm
Bottom diameter 175mm
Wall thickness 4mm
Material Q235
Weight 125kg
With power coating.
With solar panel bracket
With single arm.
With 350mmX350mmX20mm base plate.


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